DAO Farmer Eco-Development Fund

3 min readMar 6, 2022


Why should we do it?

To build a sustainable community operation mechanism, to respond positively to feedback from the community, to reach new heights, and enable the community to have its autonomy, we will establish the DAO Farmer Eco-Development Fund.

DAO Farmer game concept: fairness, transparency, security, and innovation.

DAO Farmer community culture: sharing, learning, freedom and earn.

Our Goals

DAO Farmer community is composed of members who highly share the game concept and community culture, we share a common goal and vision, we want to build an organization composed of people who work for the development of the DAO Farmer ecosystem, we want to establish a development fund governed by the community members, dedicated to break the traditional GameFi lifecycle barriers and promote DAO Farmer to a new level of development.

DAO Farmer Eco-Development Fund Address: 0xb42F4B8b9C2cC4EEee38cA0501deFEEc0Becc474

Use of DAO Farmer Eco-Development Fund

It will be used for DAO Farmer game development and community governance, including but not limited to:

•Game promotions

•Event rewards

•Proposals, voting

•Charitable donations

•Other actions that benefit DAO Farmer and the community.

Sources of DAO Farmer Eco-Development Fund

Initial Fund

We plan to set up an initial $150,000 eco-fund, which consists of multiple tokens, depending on development needs, with initial funding from:

•DAO Vault


*A single authorized transfer of tokens from the mining contract to the eco-development fund account

Development Fund

As the operation of the DAO Farmer game and community building come into a more mature track, we will support:


•Decentralized public offerings

Regulation and Management of DAO Farmer Eco-Development Fund

Supervision measures

To guarantee the concept of a fair, transparent and safe game, we will deploy a Timelock (Timelock is a piece of code used to lock certain functions of a smart contract to access funds on a specific date at a specific time or at a specific block height) which will be adopted after the Eco-Development Fund grows to a certain size, and the code will be open-source.

Foundation Management

The DAO Farmer Eco-Development Fund account is open to the community and subject to the supervision of all community members following the principles of fairness, justice and openness in its management and utilization. The funds in the account are managed by the core team in the early stages and then handed over to the community for on-chain management when the DAO community governance mechanism is in effect.

About DAO Farmer Eco-Development Fund Autonomy Council

Until the DAO community governance mechanism is launched, the board members will be the core team for the time being.

When DAO Farmer reaches the DAO community autonomy stage, we will establish an Autonomous Council and appoint outstanding contributors, daily active members and Top Holders of governance tokens from the community to be the board members of DAO Farmer Eco-Development Fund, adopting a multi-signature governance mechanism to take responsibility for the product and the community, and gradually shift the role of board members to a fully autonomous community model as we continue to develop.

*The interpretation of the above texts belongs to DAO Farmer Team

Contact DAO Farmer

Website: https://www.daofarmer.com/

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaoFarmer

Telegram group: https://t.me/daofarmer_com

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