DAO Farmer New Year Mystery Box

2 min readFeb 1, 2022

DAO Farmer is approaching its next milestone after the end of IGO — the launch of “NEWBORN PHASE V1”! To show our gratitude for our communities support, we’re hosting an airdrop on the Chinese New Year holiday!

Go to https://gleam.io/qGS0b/dao-farmer to participate in the registration, complete the tasks as required and you will receive a free DAO Farmer New Year mystery box 🎁. You will have a chance to get a DAO Farmer rare NFT items:

  • Pick up the task at DAO Farmer official social media channel and complete it to get a free Mint of a New Year mystery box NFT at Element Market.
  • You can choose to Open or Sell your mystery box on Element Market.

Campaign rewards.

New Year’s mystery box NFT total: 500Boxes, first come first served, there is a probability of getting the following in the mystery box

3 units MATTOCK with 0.6% probability of winning

6 units AXE with a 1.2% probability of winning

15 units STICK with a 3% probability of winning

476 “Happy New Year NFT” units with a 95.2% probability of winning

Note: For players who get game items from the event, we will deliver them within 15 working days after the game is launched, so please contact the official customer service in time.

Campaign Dates.

Feb 1st 04:00 AM UTC Open mission applications

Feb 3rd 12:00 PM UTC Applications close

Feb 4th 06:00 AM UTC Whitelist announced

Feb 5th 12:00 PM UTC Player mint mystery box NFT

Contact DAO Farmer

Website: https://www.daofarmer.com/

Medium: https://daofarmer.medium.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaoFarmer

Telegram group: https://t.me/daofarmer_com

Telegram ann: https://t.me/daofarmer_ann




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