1. Influencers, GameFi community administrators are welcomed.
  2. GameFi vertical sector farmers, other experienced farmers in other domains are also welcome.
  3. High industry cognitive ability, able to follow and react in the GameFi market, able to think independently with such technological insights.
  4. Supports DAOFarmer via participating in the project cycle, maintaining project brand, and being an asset to build a bigger DAOFarmer Ecosystem.
  1. Presale Whitelist 2 Allocations before DAOFarmer launched.
  2. 300 BUSD/monthly with a permanent coin-based settlement or NFT/tokens equivalent after DAOFarmer launched.
  3. Priority participation in DAOFarmer follow-up activities and programs.
  1. Manage a DAOFarmer community with no less than 300 members. Any social media platforms let it be Telegram, Line, Discord, WeChat, Etc.
  2. Share relevant news and happenings about the DAOFarmer.
  3. Self-promoting, maintaining the DAOFarmer brand.

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