Important Announcement

2 min readApr 7, 2022

Dear Farmers

Thank you for the Farmers’ all-out support and participation since the launch. Due to the development needs of DAO Farmer, we are making the following major adjustments to Farm Partner and $DAOF.

1️⃣Farm Partner is an important communication mechanism in the DAO Farmer game ecosystem, after the DAO Farmer’s strategic analysis, the team has decided to make the following adjustments based on the marketing feedbacks and the community feedbacks too.

⚠️ Farm Partner membership fee is increased from 3 DAOF to 15 DAOF (paid 15 DAOF is automatically destroyed)

⚠️Players who paid 25 DAOF (22 DAOF has been airdropped) to become Farm Partner, the existing invitation relationship remains unchanged and they can continue to invite new players to enjoy the invitation bonus.

⚠️Players who paid 3 DAOF to become farm partners, the existing invitation relationship remains unchanged but if you continue to invite new players and enjoy the new player’s bonuses, you need to pay 12 DAOF (on the farm partner page ➡️click to buy, the contract automatically recognizes that only 12 DAOF need to be paid)

2️⃣$DAOF as DAO Farmer’s governance token, is the most important Token in the whole game ecosystem and is also the most expected functional token in the mid to late-stage economic model, to follow the Crypto industry market value standard, with the subsequent DAO Reactor design, the following adjustments are made:

✅The total supply of $DAOF is deflated from 100 million to 5 million.
✅95% of $DAOF deflated tokens will be destroyed.
✅$DAOF is officially planned to be listed in an exchange and we have some communications ahead. CEX is currently in progress.





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